About the Band

Matt G.

Rhythm/Lead Guitarist: Matt Gregory aka Matty G.

He has been playing guitar for 2 decades on and off. He enjoys playing on models of Schecter and Ibanez Guitars running through B-52 SoildState amplifiers and progressing into Peavey 6505+ Tube Amplification.

His first taste of Rock/Metal was Molly Hatchet and Metallica. Over the years he progressed into a more broadside of Metal into Metalcore.

All-time favorite influential bands: As I Lay Dying, Pantera, Miss May I, Slipknot and current Motionless in White.

Guitar Idols: Nick Hippa, Dimebag Darrel, Jim Root, and John5.

Matty G. loves writing music that makes the fans feel a part of the music as he feels the same vibes for the music that he listen to.

“If it doesn’t give you goosebumps and make you want to throw down, well then we aren’t doing our jobs.”

“Love is the answer, Music is the Healing”.

Randall – Drummer

Yo yo yo I’m Randall and here is a little info on me!

I started playing drums in 2007 as soon as I came back from my deployment to Iraq. I actually bought the drum kit while I was over in the sandbox! We got to go online about once or twice a week so I took advantage of that and bought an all-black maple Pearl 5 piece kit.

As soon as I came back I got on the set and here I am today! Since then I’ve been in just 3 hard rock/ metal bands until SEASONS. I have owned kits such as Pearl, DDrum and now my favorite is SJC!

My favorite band of all time is AC/DC. My influences today are bands such as OF MICE AND MEN, WAGE WAR, MISS MAY I, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE and AS I LAY DYING #calmdowntimdidhistime.

All I can say is get ready to bang your heads and party with us when we come to a city near you!!!

Kent – Vocals

Hey, I am Kent the frontman of Seasons. When I’m not on stage acting like a maniac I’m a bit of an oddball because you either get the life of the party or the quiet off to myself type.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and being outdoors. Some of my influences are Billy Joel, Corey Taylor, Chester Bennington, Aaron Lewis, Randy Blythe, and Layne Staley.

I am a nomad at heart and love meeting new people and traveling. I grew up around a kind of madness that makes what I have to say worth listening too.

If you catch one of our shows feel free to come to chat it up!

Matt P.

I’m 32. I go by Matt, Poe, or Matty P. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10. Bass, since I was 15. Co-Founder of Seasons with Matty G. and original guitarist that moved over to bass when Mark joined the band.  

Biggest influences, are Sevendust, Flaw, Ill Nino, A Day To Remember, It Dies Today and 40 Below Summer.

I’m terrified of raccoons.

And Washington Capitals Ice Hockey IS.LIFE!


Mark has been playing guitar for almost two decades. He plays multiple models of Schecter guitars, including the Evil Twin model, out of a solid-state Marshall amplification.

His main influences are Jason Richardson, Slash, and Synester Gates.

While involved in some small projects in the past, Mark as truly found his home with his new brothers in SEASONS. To add to their unique sound, Mark loves creating and playing electrifying lead lines while staying true to the beauty of the musical melody.

Formed in 2017, the band Seasons started out with 5 dedicated musicians that all have had previous successful bands and a strong passion for preforming high energy shows and top-notch influential songs. The band is comprised of two high-level guitarists, Matt Gregory, and Mark Spivey. Bassist Matt Poe and the well-versed drummer named Randall Sykes and a talented veteran vocalist by the name of Kent Stewart

All of these members individually have over 15 years of experience playing solid high caliber hard rock/metal music. Collectively, each member of Seasons has had experience playing with national-level artists. These bands include; Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, 21 Pilots, Saliva, Eve 6, Bobaflex, Matt and Kim, 12 Stones, Icon For Hire, Emery, Byzantine Insomnium, Motograter and Job For a Cowboy, Within The Ruins, Phinehas, Great American Ghost, and former member of The misfits, Doyle.

Seasons is a high level, crowd entertaining, energetic band that will not disappoint when it is time for performing on stage. Whether in front of 15 people or 1500 people, Seasons is known for the exact same stage presence which is described as “In your face”. With each member being a veteran to performing, you can expect tight transitions and an overwhelming stage presence. Every member of Seasons strive to put on a memorable performance to thrill the crowd.